Dishing the Dirt on Cheap Cosmetic Faves: A few of my co-bloggers and BFF’s weigh in with their picks.

Since my list of fave cheapie products was so popular I had some of my co-bloggers list out some of their fave goodies that will not break the bank!

Thea Brown- Buyer World Of Mirth Toys, BFF, mom and all around stylish lady.

  1. Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap-
    When it’s 100 out with 80% humidity, there’s nothing like the cooling mint tingle on your skin! Natural, family owned, and made in the US.
  2. Sephora Collection Rouge Balm with SPF
    Sheer colors that still make an impact. Super moisturizing but not waxy or sticky.Sephora-Rouge-Balm
  3. General faves- NYX and Sephora lip stains and lip sticks.  Full pigment and long wearing.  Sephora brand and NYX consistently deliver high end products with a close to drugstore cost.1072

Carol Brown- Psychology student, mother of three, BFF, and style maven. 

  1. Floxite LED magnifying travel mirror- under $30 on
    I received this as a gift, and it’s the gift of knowing you’ve applied your make up perfectly coupled with the curse of knowing how jacked up you truly are. v31957.001
  2. BB Face Mask from Daiso (is this really from the dollar store?) Seeing some horrifying dry patches in the aforementioned mirror compelled me to slap one of these on. My family was terrified for the fifteen minutes it was on, but the dry patched were gone and my skin felt softer.s-l300
  3. Maybelline Line Stiletto- Around seven bucks. This has the tapered felt tip applicator that I am most accustomed too. Easy application and stays on as expected.12053975
  4. Loreal Ever Pure- Although I love my Deva Curl sometimes I need to cut back costs and this shampoo and conditioner does a good job with dry, colored hair. everpure_08022009162651

Lori Basarab – Visual Merchandiser for Chrome Hearts, BFF, and total makeup queen. 

  1. NYX Lip Primer. 7.99 or so -the best lip primer aside from duwop…which is $16… both great but if you’re on a budget definitely get NYX. My lipstick feathers/ bleeds like crazy and I will not wear lipsticks with out this on! lipprimer_main
  2. NYX’s Liquid Suede- It’s a cross between a lipstain and one of those “8hr lip colors” doesn’t dry out your lips. stays on well. Colors are amazing- lots of pigment!liquidsuedecreamlipstick_main
  3. BH Cosmetics make great eyeshadows. the colors are vibrant and last all night. they are cheap and are usually on sale and animal friendly. bh-cosmetics-smokeyl-eyes-28-color-001
  4. At the 99cent store here in Los Angeles they carry these gel eye patches for wrinkles. I put them on when when I’m sleeping they are cooling and leave your eyes nice and plump. If you do not live in LA the Sephora brand ones are great too and inexpensive. maschere occhi sephora
  5.  Sephora eyeliners and eyeshadow sticks are amazing- waterproof and great colors!  Sephora Crayon Jumbo

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